Wellving Asset Management offers a wide range of services and products to both individuals and corporate clients.
While our company has a broad experience in the financial markets we are always looking to the future for new ideas.
For further information about the services we offer please feel free to contact us, our team is waiting.

Our Services

Stock Market

Our team offer a comprehensive Equities consultancy service specializing in FTSE, Dow Jones and NIKKEI.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management has been another one of our success stories with our team managing some large corporate portfolios and also many individual portfolios.

Capital & Asset Management

Capital and Asset Management is one of our core services.

Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading and Options/Futures remains a very profitable portion of our business will many clients taking bespoke packages across the risk spectrum.

Risk Management

While analyzing overall risk exposures, we manage risk  and to help our clients achieve their investment objectives.

IPO Service

Selecting, managing and investing in IPO’s can be confusing to many clients, our IPO team are here to help and continue to offer great service to our clients.


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